Crypto Arbitrage Fund - About - Holdun


Taking advantage of the price differentials in cryptocurrencies to generate returns regardless of the direction of the market.

An average annual return between 25.07% and 45.88% over the last 3 full years

Low correlation to traditional assets and the broader crypto market

Safe custody of assets at an award-winning digital asset custodian


The Holdun Crypto Arbitrage Fund provides exposure to the growing universe of crypto assets while carefully managing risk.

The Fund takes advantage of the inefficiencies of the crypto market while maintaining a low level of exposure to the performance of the underlying crypto assets.

Since inception, the Fund has generated stable and consistent positive returns even during periods of considerable market stress.

The Fund deploys several trading strategies, with a focus on crypto derivatives (futures, swaps, options, ETF’s, etc.)

With consistent volatility, countless exchanges and a variety of different players participating within the crypto space, mispricing is commonplace, creating arbitrage opportunities for those positioned to take advantage of the inefficiencies within the asset class.

The Holdun Crypto Arbitrage Fund takes advantage of these opportunities to provide exceptional returns without the relentless volatility synonymous with the Crypto market.

FUND NAME Holdun Crypto Arbitrage Fund
FUND DOMICILE Cayman Islands (regulated by CIMA)
AUDITOR RSM Cayman ltd


Participate in the growing crypto opportunity without being exposed to the volatility of the underlying crypto assets

Stable and consist returns even during periods of market volatility

Low correlation to traditional assets and the broader crypto market

Average annual return of 74% since inception

Extensive risk mitigation to remove counter party and exchange risk

Safe custody of assets at an award winning digital asset custodian.

January February March April May June July August September October November December Full Year
2017 1.84% 3.17% 3.83% 4.88% 13.13% 38.46% 13.89% 11.55% 7.43% 4.88% 156.55%
2018 7.01% 4.98% 3.80% 7.71% 2.47% 3.80% 2.52% 4.57% 0.02% 0.67% 0.37% 0.79% 45.88%
2019 0.23% 0.72% 5.40% 0.06% 0.39% 0.74% 1.32% 0.60% 3.00% 2.76% 3.55% 3.99% 25.07%
2020 4.80% 4.55% 3.07% 3.69% 3.68% -0.81% 3.34% 2.62% 1.86% 2.98% 2.23% 3.51% 41.75%
2021 1.99% 2.71% 1.91% 5.36% 0.12% -2.90% -1.56% 3.59% -1.43 2.12% 1.53% -0.98% 12.98%

*Performance isshown net of feesfor Class A (2% management, 30%performance) and iscalculated byindependent calculating agent GENTWO AG since January 1st 2020 for the Lemvi Crypto AMC. Since inception of the Fund on May 1st 2020, the calculation is made by Vistra Alternative Investments, a top tier fund administrator. The track record shown before 2020 is based on the performance of a personal account and different managed accounts net of fees equal to Class A. It relies on exchanges, personal and company data. Specific constrains of each account, size, risk budget, market fluctuations and currency moves can cause some substantial differences between accounts. Past performance will not necessarily be repeated and is not indicative of future results. The investments discussed may fluctuate in value, and investors may not get back the amount invested and even experience total loss of their subscription.