This Friday (12/4), Fecomércio’s (Espírito Santo Trade Federation) president José Lino Sepulcri and SESC (the association of Brazilian banks) regional director Gutman Uchôa de Mendonça welcomed Canadian businessman Brendan Holt Dunn, who is in Greater Vitoria to meet and evaluate the possibilities of investment in Fintech startups who work to innovate and optimize services for the Financial System and innovative technology-based companies through his group’s fintech accelerator. On this occasion, the Undersecretary of Development, Christiano Furtado, met at the headquarters of Fecomércio, together with trade entrepreneurs and representatives from the state government.

The president of Fecomércio presented the economic potential and the scope of trade and services of Espírito Santo. “Our state is focused primarily on micro and small companies, we are on average 130 thousand commercial establishments and we move about 65% of the state’s GDP, we believe that it is also valid the choice of Espírito Santo for strategic location in Brazil, near major centers economic and quality of life,”says Sepulcri.

Holdun CEO Brendan Holt Dunn said he was enthusiastic to take the next steps and bring this business to Brazil that will accelerate negotiations and networking to transform the digital financial market. “Our concern to come to Brazil was to find the people, the companies and the right institution, and we found these two days of visits and meetings,” Brendan Holt Dunn reveals. The Undersecretary of Development, Christiano Furtado at the time highlighted that the Canadian businessman arrived at the exact moment when the State is ready to support investment and committed to support Holdun in any way necessary to make Vitoria a national reference in the development of technology and new business.

Tour of Vitoria

Brendan and I were taken by Alessandro Dadalto and Augusto Brunow on a tour of Vitoria where we learned about its history, development, economy, and opportunities for growth. We learned about the local support that we would receive from government authorities, the trade federation, the tax authorities, the local university, and Bandes, the development bank of Espirito Santo to bring Holt Accelerator to Vitoria.

Overlooking the City of Vitoria

Dadalto Family

The Dadalto Family welcomed Brendan and Leif very warmly. They expressed their great pleasure at forming a long-term partnership with Holt. We have a shared vision of Family and giving back to the community.

Lunch with Dadalto Family, shareholders of Dacasa

Dacasa Headquarters

We received an excellent tour and presentation of Dacasa from Leonardo Dadalto (CEO) and his executive team. We learned more details about their operations and uncovered further opportunities to grow the business.

Dadalto’s Vitoria store