Holdun Medical Detox Fund (SP01)- Executive Summary Q1 2021 | Holdun

Holdun Medical Detox REAL ESTATE Fund

Investment Overview

  • Holdun Medical Detox Real Estate Fund specifically invests in real estate within the United States that is utilized to increase the number of drug treatment programs available for those seeking a solution to opioid dependency.
  • The Medical Detox Real Estate Fund initially acquired several locations and anticipates acquiring and converting a total of 10 -15 locations that have been specifically zoned and refurbished to provide drug and alcoholmedical treatment.
  • Investors in the Medical DetoxReal Estate Porftolio receive attractive returns while providing equity necessary to acquire additional optimal locations for drug medical detox operators.
  • The fund is structured as a closed-end-fund with a 5-year term with an optional 3-year extension. 



100,000 deaths in 2021


Outpacing the availability of beds

Social Impact


Breaks family bonds


$78.5 billion/year in the U.S


Emergency resource systems on overload

Investment Highlights

CoVID-19 Update

Our tenants are currently near capacity (97%) across all Detox Centres, and there has been an uptick in demand for services during the pandemic.

As ‘Essential Businesses’, all our tenants will remain in operation during lock-down. As licensed healthcare facilities, our tenants can avail of federal funding, supplies, and additional staffing support.

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