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Current market conditions have risk-adverse investors desperately searching for diversification options 
that deliver positive risk adjusted returns.

The Holdun Income Fund offers a blended portfolio of AAA-rated bonds and high-quality real estate. This blend creates diversification, significant cash flow and above average returns for investors seeking downside protection.

Proposed Portfolio Allocation

Expected Annualised Return* Attribution
Fixed Income Securities 5.00% 50.0%
Real Estate Portfolio 14.00% 50.0%
Total 9.5% 100.00%

Advantages of the GNMA Securities



Ginnie Mae bonds are backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government.


Cash flow streams 
can be customized to deliver above-average yields in both rising and falling interest rate environments.


The Agency MBS market is currently over 6 Trillion Dollars making it one of the largest and most liquid markets in the world.


Offer the potential for
above-average rate of return while having a more attractive volatility profile than traditional fixed-rate bonds.


Monthly amortization of both principal and interest payments.

Boca Raton Real Estate

Holdun Family Office is proud to announce the acquisition of the “Boca Trophy Portfolio”, representing a rare opportunity for investors to participate in an investment comprised of over 514,000 square feet of prime mixed use commercial real estate located in the prestigious community of Boca Raton, Florida in Palm Beach County. Situated on the main North/South artery of Powerline Road, the four folios have been icons to the community for many years.

Highlights include:*
  • First year cash flow of 9.0+% growing to 12.0+% in year five
  • Five-year base case projected IRR of 17.0+%
  • No execution risk as 100% of equity capital is invested day one
  • Short targeted holding period – five-year projected hold and ten-year maximum term
  • 88% Occupancy provides opportunity for “Add Value” through increased occupancy
  • 2021 NOI has increased from February 2020 NOI projections
  • Positive impact from the tremendous inflow of new residents from the northeast to south Florida

*Target returns are not a reliable indicator of future performance and do not guarantee actual performance.

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