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Fund Overview

The Holdun Opportunity Fund invests 50% of its capital into reliable, predictable, income-generating liquid assets. The remaining 50% is channelled into private investments acquired for capital appreciation. These include investments in technology companies, start-up ventures, buy-outs, and pre-IPOs.

This asset allocation mix exposes investors to private equity-like returns without the long-term lock-up periods typically associated with Private Equity Funds.

The Problem


Private equity offers tremendous capital appreciation long term but typically offers little to no cash flow for the first 2-7 years

Equity Correlation

Most private equity funds bear much of the hallmarks of overall equity beta

Long-term Lock-Up

Commonly 8-10 years. Investors are not allowed to redeem or sell shares during this time.

The Solution

Income Generating

60% income generating allocation ensures steady and consistent returns throughout the life of the funds

Greater Diversification

The income/private equity blend ensures little correlation to public equity

Short-term Lock-Up

No capital call requirements and a 2-year lock-up instead of the 10-year lock-ups of many traditional PE Funds

Investment Strategy

Portfolio Composition

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