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Fund Overview

  • In a market environment where bond yields are being pushed lower and equity markets are shrouded in unprecedented uncertainty, traditional asset classes represent substantial volatility exposure. This volatility has resulted in investors turning to alternative investments such as real estate, private equity and hedge funds to improve the structure of their portfolios by minimizing risk and maximizing returns.
  • The objective of the Holdun Opportunity Fund is to provide the capital appreciation opportunities that private equity offers while also providing current income. In other words, provide a private equity return stream without being exposed to the long-term lock-out period typically associated with private equity funds. This is accomplished by allocating approximately 60% of the funds capital to investments that provide reliable and predictable income backed by hard assets; mortgage-backed collateralized securities and collateralized portfolio interest loans. The remaining 40% of the asset allocation is channeled into investments that are acquired for capital appreciation. These include investments in technology companies, start-up ventures, buy-outs, and pre-IPOs.

The Problem


Private equity offers tremendous capital appreciation long term but typically offers little to no cash flow for the first 2-7 years

Equity Correlation

Most private equity funds bear much of the hallmarks of overall equity beta

Long-term Lock-Up

Commonly 8-10 years. Investors are not allowed to redeem or sell shares during this time.

The Solution

Income Generating

60% income generating allocation ensures steady and consistent returns throughout the life of the funds

Greater Diversification

The income/private equity blend ensures little correlation to public equity

Short-term Lock-Up

No capital call requirements and a 2-year lock-up instead of the 10-year lock-ups of many traditional PE Funds

Investment Strategy

Portfolio Composition

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