Fund Overview

  • In a market environment where Bond yields are being pushed lower and Equity valuations continue to
    climb to all-time highs, traditional asset classes represent substantial volatility exposure. This volatility
    has resulted in investors turning to alternative investments such as Real Estate, Private Equity and
    Hedge Funds to improve the structure of their portfolios while still minimizing risk and maximizing
  • The Objective of the Holdun Opportunity Fund is to provide the capital appreciation opportunities
    that Private Equity offers while also providing current income. In other words, provide a Private Equity
    return stream without having a long-term lock-out period typically associated with Private Equity
    Funds. This is accomplished by allocating approximately 60% to 70% of the fund in investments which
    provide reliable and predicable income backed by hard assets; mortgage-backed collateralized
    securities and collateralized portfolio interest loans. The remaining 30% to 40% of the asset allocation
    is channeled into investments which are acquired for capital appreciation. These include investments
    in technology companies, start-up ventures, buy-outs, and pre-IPOs.

Portfolio Composition

Private Equity Holding

Holding Description
Stradigi Ai Artificial intelligence solutions for innovative enterprises
leAD Sports Accelerator V.C. Fund, investing in sports focused tech companies
Holt Financial Online platform giving you access to a digital wallet, investments and security tokens all in one place
Holt Fintech Accelerator Provides both Monetary and Advisory support for Fintech start-ups in return for an equity stake in each company
Rokk3r Fuel Leading V.C. fund that invests in founders who are building exponential growth companies
Sway Ventures Invest in high-growth seed and early-stage technology companies
Addepar SPV Performance reporting platform for financial institutions
Bespoke A LP Operates as a leading lender within the cannabis industry
Nexus NYC Luxury Members club in the heart of New York City
Uber Ride Sharing services (pre IPO Investment)
Albany Recording Studio Landmark recording studio designed by Justin Timberlake
Giftagram Inc Gift sharing app. simply select the recipient from the contacts in your phone and clicking send.
White Shark Fintech Algorithm based trading platform, simplifying trading for beginners and experts alike
Diagram Ventures II LP  A venture launchpad building the next generation of global companies based in Canada

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