As we approach our 50th wedding anniversary, I began reflecting on all those years with my wife Christa. We met through a mutual friend in Montreal and the best part was that she lived just up the street, perhaps 100 yards from where I was ensconced in my parent’s condo after college. They, fortunately, were still living in Quebec City and had intended to move to Montreal, but had not yet. We were engaged within 3 months and married in 6 months. It happened so quickly that when she telephoned her brother to announce her engagement, he replied, that’s great sis, but who to? Two wonderful sons and their equally wonderful wives and four great and inspiring grandchildren later, we are still going strong. Now back to the B.I.T.C.H.

Christa, as you can glean from a recent photo, is a very BEAUTIFUL woman with gorgeous blue eyes that each of her 4 grandchildren have inherited.

She is incredibly INTELLIGENT, far more so than her other half, and a trait which she has also passed along to her children and grandchildren. Without question, she is TALENTED, as she is a well-established artist and has written and published 2 extensive books on both sides of her family both of which date back to the early 17th century. COMPASSION courses through her being every day, as she thinks about her family and friends constantly. Not long ago, she was telephoned by a close friend whom we had known in Calgary years ago, but who had decamped to Cape Town, South Africa; her friend informed her that she had been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. Christa, without hesitation, booked a flight to South Africa and spent 10 days with her before she passed away. She has now taken the surviving son under her wing as part of our family. Lastly, surrounded by her family or her friends, she is as HAPPY as can be. So, I am incredibly lucky and fortunate to be married to a B.I.T.C.H.

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