Opportunity Fund - Executive Summary Q3 2020 - Holdun



How Did We Fare?

For the 3rd Quarter of 2020, the Fund posted a return of 3.48%, bringing the since inception (annualized) return to 8.71%. LeAD Sports Accelerator and Fuel Venture were the main contributors to the positive return over the quarter.

LeAD, the Sports Accelerator founded by Adi Dassler’s grandsons, targets seed-stage companies with innovative products, services and business models in or applicable to the realm of sports. Recent success stories such as Peloton and Mirror showcase the rise of the Sports & HealthTech industry, and LeADs portfolio companies are well placed at the epicentre of this market disruption. Wingfield is one such company.

Wingfield transforms any tennis court into a smart court. From the average speed of your serve to the detection of weaknesses, Wingfield makes data analytics available to the masses, not just professionals.

Wingfield recently closed a partnership with the German Tennis Federation and will become their official ranking partner. They are also in discussion with the French and British tennis federation. With those deals in place, Wingfield will lead the digitization of tennis courts across Europe.

Fuel Ventures is an early and growth-stage investor in leading technology businesses. Fuel Ventures invests across 23 exponential growth companies, such as Eyrus.

Eyrus is an integrated, real-time, onsite trade resource data and project analytics platform for the Construction Marketplace. Despite mass construction site shutdowns throughout lockdown periods, Eyrus is on track to quintuple its revenue compared to last year. The Eyrus SafeProx Badge, which provides social distancing alerts and contact tracing solutions, was swiftly brought to market, enabling Eyrus to anchor new customers before offering them the benefits of the complete Eyrus platform.

This example of flexible and adaptable positioning has driven Fuel Ventures’ positive valuation increase.

Performance Analysis

As at 30th September 2020

* Since Inception Returns as of the 31st of July 2016.

Trailing Returns (Net)


YTD 1-Yr 3-Yr

Since Inception *



(2.5%) (3.7%) 5.8%


Benchmark **


21.7% 26.0% 12.4%


**Benchmark is the HFRI Fund Weighted Deposit Fund Index

Fund Outlook

The Fund has maintained its proactive approach to ensure that we take full advantage of opportunities as they arise. The recent market volatility continues to generated widespread market dislocation and disruption, presenting investment opportunities for the Fund. We have currently lined up two Capital Appreciation investments for the upcoming quarter.

PepperHQ: is at the forefront of the digital evolution within the hospitality industry. Pepper offers contactless ordering and payment solutions to coffee shops, restaurants and bars. The resulting higher spend and reduced staffing needs allow merchants to drive revenue and reduce operating costs while customer data and insights improve product and service analysis.

EQIBank: is the World’s First Licensed and Regulated Offshore Bank for National Currencies, Crypto and Digital Assets. Launched in 2018, EQIbank allows customers to manage traditional and crypto assets within a single banking relationship while accessing a comprehensive suite of services ,including trading, custody, lending, clearing and settlement.