Easter Over The Generations - Holdun

Don’t get me wrong, Halloween and Christmas are also special, but not as special as Easter. Halloween with the grandchildren is exciting and colourful with each one dressed up as their favourite character, but it can be cold, wet and dark and it doesn’t last very long. Then you have to deal with rationing the collected loot over the next few months which can involve a lot of whining and negotiating. Christmas on the other hand is full of joy and family and presents and copious quantities of food and drink. Sitting on Santa’s lap can be intimidating and you have to line up early to get your 10 second spot with him.

Easter is totally different. You start off with a wonderful church service and for those inclined, a Sunrise Service at 6am on the beach which is pretty special. The excitement builds as you then head off to spend time with the Easter Bunny who is soft and furry with more selfies. And then the highlight, the Easter Egg Hunt with the kids excitedly racing around to collect as many eggs as possible before they are all found. Yes, you do have to deal with the grandchildren wanting to gorge themselves before sitting down for a healthy lunch. A couple of jellybeans should do the trick. But, as opposed to the other 2 events, you are not one family, but many sharing the same experience together and seeing the excitement on all those young faces is priceless.