March Madness for Grandparents - Holdun

I generally get caught up in March Madness and watch a number of college basketball games during the tournament. This year, we have our own March madness as our twin 6 year old grandsons have come to stay with us for two weeks. Thank goodness I am married to a German as everything is scheduled from dawn to dusk (see below), at which point, exhausted, we tend to retire far earlier than usual. If Christa had been in charge of the “Wehrmacht”, the outcome of the last war might have been far different. From sailing lessons, to tennis, to golf, to swimming, we keep the boys running, which they are only too happy to do.

I-pads are not allowed, so we spend the non-lesson times building Lego sets, generally of the space variety. Meals have all been planned as well evening activities (Chutes and Ladders is a favourite) and a good book for bedtime.

If we were not organized, the two weeks would be a disaster, the boys would be bored and Christa and I would be facing off at ten paces, guns drawn. But what a time we are having, watching the sheer joy on their faces as they try something new (sailing and golf), interact with other kids, and squabble when they don’t get the right toy from their Treasure Chest. Yes, each morning, a small gift to celebrate their time with us.

We, especially Christa, have put in a lot of effort to make sure they have a wonderful holiday, but our reward:

A smile and a thank-you- is priceless!