Road Trip With the Girls - Holdun

I know it sounds like a lot of fun and it is, but the girls happen to be two female dogs. One a Newfoundlander weighing in at 140 pounds (the reason for the road trip as no plane will take her) and a “potcake” (mixed breed) who is her constant companion, but tiny in comparison.

Going back a few years, my father used to take me hunting for my birthday in September which coincided with the opening of the duck and goose hunting season. I loved it. That was the best present I could think of, spending time with my Dad in an environment that he relished even though he was a man of few words. My interaction with my father was mostly through physical pursuits, be it hunting, fishing, tennis, golf and skiing. This is what he loved to do, and it was this love of the outdoors that he shared with his children. We were spoilt. What Dad picks you up from school at 3pm, drives 45 minutes east of Quebec City and has you in a duck blind by 4:30 p.m., in time for the evening shoot? Then he would cook dinner, pack us all off to bed early and up at 4 a.m. to be back in the blinds for an hour of hunting and then back to school by 8 a.m. That was the fall and, the same experience was replaced by salmon and trout fishing in the spring. In the summer it was tennis and golf and he hated to lose.

So my outdoor activities with my Dad finds expression in my bi-annual road trip with my son. We get to spend quality time together for 3 days with few distractions. I listen to his plans, his hopes and dreams and how proud he is of his wife and children. He is a very good Dad and his family comes first no matter what. He also works very hard. Both of my sons are very competitive and motivated and they understand the value of hard work. Both of them are as proud of their children as I am of them. They both have their priorities straight, family first with a little room for us, their parents, which is all we can ask for. So, 3 precious days together without interruption is a godsend for me.

It is not by coincidence our tagline at Holdun Family Office is ‘Welcome to the Family’.
We understand the value of family…what it means to us…and what it means to you.