Tiger’s Back, Tiger’s Back - Holdun

This past weekend the Bahamas hosted the much-anticipated return of Tiger Woods to competitive golf. Nothing else in the world seemed as important. Tiger played well enough, but it goes to show how difficult it is to win on the PGA Tour, especially when you have been away from the game for over 300 days.

I imagine a lot of us as parents and grandparents have high expectations for our children and grandchildren. Certainly, I do and I spend as much time as possible with them. My two-year-old grandson seems to be particularly interested in what he calls “Whack the ball”.

Most afternoons, I take him out to the range to hit balls which he really enjoys and seems to never tire of.

The amount of time, dedication, energy and perseverance that is required to achieve a dream is enormous with no guarantee of success. The chart below illustrates how difficult it is to become a professional athlete, a percentage well below 1% of all high school athletes who had their own dreams.

However, don’t despair. While the odds of success are minuscule, just enjoying their company and helping them explore the many and varied sports open to them is success enough. Just seeing the smile on their faces makes it all worthwhile.

In my grandson’s words as he strikes a ball off the tee; “I did it”.